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Mango Chili Ginger Cobbler – a Fireworks Display!

Mango Chili Ginger Cobbler – a fireworks display!

Move over Peach and Blackberry Cobblers.  Here’s a new twist on this old-fashioned dessert.  A Mango Chili Ginger Cobbler.  It’s like having a fireworks display on your table and in your mouth! (more…)

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Mango Lassi – an Indian Smoothie for Summer!

It’s Mango Season!  When I found mangoes 4 for $1 at my local Von’s store, I knew it was time for Mango Lassis at our Indian Cooking Class.  Then I went to Camp Blogaway, where the Mango Board was one of the sponsors and I came home with six more mangoes just in time for my Cooking Class.  We went through all but one.  Yesterday I received seven more mangoes in a nice package from the Mango Board.  What to do with all these mangoes?   Well – I am planning to test a Mango Chili Ginger Cobbler for my June 14 Knife Skills Cooking Class, so bring it on! (more…)

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Knife Skills Cooking Class – June 14, 2012

Learn how to cut open a mango + More at Knife Skills Class

Knife Skills are the single most important cooking class I have ever taken. Years ago when I was in Culinary School, this class changed everything about the way I cooked, since I could accomplish all my food prep in half the time or even less!

Come hone your knife skills and learn why the Kingly Knife is your best friend in the kitchen on Thursday, June 14, 6:00 – 9:00 at the Holy Nativity Community Hall in Westchester.  Here’s what you will learn in class:

  • You will have a hands-on knife skills experience.
  • The importance of keeping your knives sharp.  Bring your knives for sharpening!
  • Experience the difference between slicing and dicing with a dull knife vs a sharp one.
  • The Bridge and Chiffonade techniques.
  • How to mince herbs and garlic – quickly and finely.
  • How to Julienne a carrot or zucchini.
  • One knife has three uses – the tip, the center and the heel – learn what each is used for. (more…)

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Camp Blogaway Inspires 100 Food Bloggers

Chef Patricia

One hundred campers in the Big Bear Mountains – The super moon – Threat of bears & critters – Camp Blogaway this year lived up to my expectations.  This camp designed by Patti Londre of Worth the Whisk is a haven for food bloggers and foodies like me.  This is where we come to learn about what’s new and how to hone our craft.   A photography session and how to navigate through the social media landscape were my choices at the breakaway sessions.  I learned a thing or two.  Hopefully my photos keep improving!  After last year’s Camp, I entered the Facebook era.  I’m still working on Twitter and now there’s Pinterest – a lot for my brain to compute! (more…)

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Lighten up with Asian Cuisine

Green Papaya Salad is best with small Thai chilis

To lighten up our meals after the holidays, our mission at this cooking class was to learn how to use some fresh authentic Asian ingredients that we purchased at the Asian Superstore.  While we all eat Asian food at restaurants, seeing the raw ingredients and working with them was a new adventure.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Orange-Chili Sauce

After eating them in Little Saigon, we were all interested to make the Vietnamese Spring Rolls ourselves.  With rice paper wrappers in hand, the team of Karen, Georgia and Ina assembled their ingredients before beginning the production line of rolling up the spring rolls.  Georgia got to work on the sauce made of sake, orange juice and sweet chile sauce. (more…)

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