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Easy Barbecue Ribs top Summer Favorites

Ribs stacked 7-12I tried to drive into Costco on the 3rd of July and quickly realized I would not find a parking space, so I left asap.  What was I thinking!  I wanted to purchase some ribs to make on the weekend – not for the 4th.  So I went back on the 5th after things had calmed down to get a package of Swift Premium St. Louis-style ribs to make these almost famous Best-Ever ribs that I found in Bon Appetit magazine.  Watch out Famous Dave’s!  If you love pork ribs and want them fast, you’ve gotta try these.  10-20 minutes prep time and 3 hours in the oven. (more…)

July 8, 2013 at 9:40 am 2 comments

La Cucina Italiana goes to Camp

La Cucina Italiana display 5-13Food bloggers at Camp Blogaway took home copies of La Cucina Italiana magazine, the ultimate reference for authentic Italian food and cooking in the U.S.  With so much interest in the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, Italian food is back in the forefront.  On September 12, 2013 I will be teaching a La Cucina Italiana Cooking Class – recipes from this beautiful and inspiring magazine.  Look at what we made in my class last year, Fettuccine with Authentic Italian Walnut Sauce. (more…)

June 10, 2013 at 9:28 am 7 comments

New Blush Celery debuts at Camp Blogaway

Camp Blogaway Group 550 5-13Food Bloggers gathered in the Big Bear Mountains east of Los Angeles for Camp Blogaway, a food bloggers camp and we all got to try out some cool new products. (more…)

June 7, 2013 at 2:19 pm 1 comment

Knife Skills Cooking Class – June 14, 2012

Learn how to cut open a mango + More at Knife Skills Class

Knife Skills are the single most important cooking class I have ever taken. Years ago when I was in Culinary School, this class changed everything about the way I cooked, since I could accomplish all my food prep in half the time or even less!

Come hone your knife skills and learn why the Kingly Knife is your best friend in the kitchen on Thursday, June 14, 6:00 – 9:00 at the Holy Nativity Community Hall in Westchester.  Here’s what you will learn in class:

  • You will have a hands-on knife skills experience.
  • The importance of keeping your knives sharp.  Bring your knives for sharpening!
  • Experience the difference between slicing and dicing with a dull knife vs a sharp one.
  • The Bridge and Chiffonade techniques.
  • How to mince herbs and garlic – quickly and finely.
  • How to Julienne a carrot or zucchini.
  • One knife has three uses – the tip, the center and the heel – learn what each is used for. (more…)

May 14, 2012 at 12:03 pm 2 comments

Camp Blogaway Inspires 100 Food Bloggers

Chef Patricia

One hundred campers in the Big Bear Mountains – The super moon – Threat of bears & critters – Camp Blogaway this year lived up to my expectations.  This camp designed by Patti Londre of Worth the Whisk is a haven for food bloggers and foodies like me.  This is where we come to learn about what’s new and how to hone our craft.   A photography session and how to navigate through the social media landscape were my choices at the breakaway sessions.  I learned a thing or two.  Hopefully my photos keep improving!  After last year’s Camp, I entered the Facebook era.  I’m still working on Twitter and now there’s Pinterest – a lot for my brain to compute! (more…)

May 11, 2012 at 7:32 pm 8 comments

Take the Fiji Water Taste Challenge

Fiji Water

Fiji Water

Is there a difference between bottled water and Los Angeles city water?   Fiji Water asked me to develop some simple recipes that would answer this question at Camp Blogaway, a weekend camp for Food Bloggers that I attended a week ago in the Big Bear mountains near Los Angeles.  The Fiji Water Taste Challenge was on and we had nearly 100 self-proclaimed foodies to do the tasting!  (more…)

May 10, 2011 at 8:41 pm 3 comments

La Cucina Italiana Gift Basket winner

Food Blogger, Melba Melendez,, Patti Londre, Camp Blogaway

We had a fabulous time at Camp Blogaway this past weekend in the Big Bear Mountains.  I met amazing new friends who are just as obsessed about food as I am. That made me very happy and validated all my thoughts and feelings about food and cooking.  This includes fellow campers pictured here, Food Blogger Melba Melendez, who won the La Cucina Italiana Gift Basket and Patti Londre, Camp Blogaway and     (more…)

May 2, 2011 at 1:24 pm 6 comments

Camp Blogaway Here We Come!


La Cucina Italiana Gift Basket for Camp Blogaway Includes: La Cucina Italiana magazines and apron, Lundberg Risotto, Amaretti di Saronno Lazzaroni, Voskos Greek Yogurt, Di Majo Norante Sangiovese, Colavita Orecchiette, San Marzano Tomatoes, Gusto Gucino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Cucina Italiana Gift Basket for Camp Blogaway Includes: La Cucina Italiana magazines and apron, Lundberg Risotto, Amaretti di Saronno Lazzaroni, Voskos Greek Yogurt, Di Majo Norante Sangiovese, Colavita Orecchiette, San Marzano Tomatoes, Gusto Gucino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Camp Blogaway 4-11

This weekend I will be hanging out with about 100 other Food Bloggers at Camp Blogaway in the Big Bear mountains, above Los Angeles.   I’m hoping to hone my blogging skills and meet like minded friends who relish the idea of talking about the fine details of cooking, entertaining and food science.

I really need some technical help, so I’ll be searching out anything and everything I can along these lines.   I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all the jobs I’ve been doing since I started my food business in January.   In March, I added the job of Western Regional Manager for La Cucina Italiana Magazine.  I now have three different business cards in my bag to hand out – Fresh Food in a Flash (Blogger, cooking teacher and chef), Pampered Chef consultant (cooking equipment salesperson) and now the La Cucina Italiana gig.  I’m finding out that I can successfully manage all of them by letting one flow into the other.  It’s a lot of fun and keeping me very busy!

Yesterday I prepped the La Cucina Italiana Gift Basket you see here to give to our fearless leader, Patti Londre.  She will be raffling this off among the volunteers who will be prepping a dish with Idaho Potatoes.   Can’t wait to taste this!    I’m also bringing boxes of magazines with me so that my fellow campers can experience this authentic Italian publication’s quality and salivate over the Italian themed recipes and gorgeous food photos.

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