Mac, Ham and Cheese

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Mac, Ham and Cheese from "Mo' Macaroni and Cheese" eBook.

Mac, Ham and Cheese from “Mo’ Macaroni and Cheese” eBook.

Can You Ever Have Too Much Mac and Cheese?

“We don’t think so. Macaroni and cheese is America’s comfort food. And to prove it, here’s a collection of 30 tried-and-true mac and cheese recipes from the Food Bloggers Los Angeles, a group of more than 100 Los Angeles-based bloggers. “

These are the words written by yours truly (me) for the introduction of our new eBook that I want YOU TO BUY. Yes, spend a measly $1.99 for my Mac, Ham and Cheese recipe +29 additional mac and cheese recipes from top-rate chefs, cooks, recipe developers and writers. It’s available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Sony, Kobo, Scrib’d and Google Play.

This is one time you won’t get the recipe for free.  Why?  Because all proceeds from the book go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to feed as many hungry people in our fine city as we can.  So please help, by making your purchase today.  See the links at the end of this post to make your purchase.

To whet your appetite, here’s how I describe my Mac, Ham and Cheese:

“This is grown up Mac and Cheese. The dijon mustard in this recipe adds a nice bite.  The Kerrygold Dubliner Cheddar adds a sharp flavor and together it’s a flavor you are going to love. The best time to make Mac, Ham and Cheese is when you have leftovers from a holiday ham.  The bits of ham left on the bone or your platter are perfect for this recipe.  I store leftover ham in the freezer and then I can make this dish any old time.  Feel free to add something green like spinach or kale to health it up.”

What else is in the book?  Read more of my intro below.  Thanks in advance for purchasing our first Food Bloggers Los Angeles ebook, Mo’ Macaroni and Cheese.

Mo' Macaroni and Cheese:  30 recipes from the Food Bloggers Los Angeles

Mo’ Macaroni and Cheese: 30 recipes from the Food Bloggers Los Angeles

This cookbook was inspired by one our meetings, when a member asked, “Do we really need more recipes?”

That’s a good question, and we pondered it for a moment. Then we decided to meet the challenge with our members’ best renditions of a beloved dish: macaroni and cheese. After all, can you ever have enough recipes for mac and cheese? Of course, not! And these mac and cheese recipes, which range from gourmet indulgence to healthy convenience, prove it.

If you’re like most Americans, you probably grew up with mac and cheese that had the word “Kraft” on the box. But, oh how far we’ve come — or gone back, depending how you look at it. Mac and cheese is found in many different cultures. When you think of macaroni or pasta, we think of the Italians and the Italian mac and cheese, fettucine Alfredo. It contains the main ingredients in a traditional mac and cheese…flour, milk, butter and cheese.

Regional cheeses and different shapes of macaroni, pasta and dumplings can be used to create many different variations. Southerners staunchly consider mac and cheese a side dish, while in other parts of the country, it’s the whole meal!

Indulge in all 30 mac and cheese recipes from the Food Bloggers Los Angeles that take this iconic dish in many different directions. Some days you will want a healthy mac and cheese made with ingredients like kale, spinach, cauliflower, pumpkin, butternut squash or toasted wheat germ. Other days, you’ll want to splurge with recipes that contain bacon, ham or chorizo (we even have a recipe for you to dry-brine your own pork belly!).

We’ve also got recipes that are week-night quick, as well as many that incorporate world-cuisine flavors from Asia, Latin America and even Lichtenstein. On a special diet? We’ve got you covered with gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie and even vegan variations.

So take a culinary tour with us across many different cultures to experience mac and cheese in a whole new way with these delicious recipes from the Food Bloggers Los Angeles. The next time you think, “Mac and cheese again?”, turn to these recipes and wake up your dinner repertoire.

And as an extra bonus, you’ll know that your purchase of this e-cookbook will benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. It’s a wonderful organization that helps feed more than one million Los Angeles County residents every year. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our first cookbook!

Patricia K. Rose

Fresh Food in a Flash

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