Knife Skills + Dinner = May 4, 2011 Cooking Class

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Do you like to watch the Iron Chef or just marvel at how the chefs on TV can slice and dice in a FLASH.  On Wednesday May 4, your cooking will be transformed when you learn how to use a knife properly.  I know Knife Skills is not a sexy name, but what will really make your meals ready in a Flash, is when you can use a knife like a pro..and I would like to show you how to do this.   I’ve been thinking about the dishes we will make from all the vegetables we will be cutting.

We will be cutting some onions, so I thought we could caramelize the onions and then use them in dishes like French Onion Soup and Caramelized Onion Foccacia Bread.  Potatoes are good to practice slicing and dicing, so we will use Sweet Potatoes and bake up some Sweet Potato Fries.

…and I was thinking that besides learning to chop vegetables, there are some other tricks you should learn, such as how to cut the skin off a piece of salmon or how to debone a whole fish.  So, for our main entree, we will Grill some whole Trout and then debone them at the table and add an Amandine Sauce.   In our last two classes we have used chilies and I will teach you how to safely seed a chile, so that you don’t end up with burned hands.  Tip:  Never touch your eyes after handling a chile for like the next 24 hours.

For this class, you are going to need a good sharp knife – an 8″ Chef’s Knife is ideal AND a cutting board. So please bring your own with you.  I have a few Pampered Chef’s Knives that you could purchase and I will bring some of my own knives too.

Class fee $35 when you reserve by May 2,  $40 at the door.    To reserve your spot,  email .  Then write a check to “Fresh Food in a Flash”; mail it to Holy Nativity Episcopal Church, Cooking Class,  6700 West  83rd Street, Westchester, CA  90045.


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